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  • Algine Plus 300 Tab

    Seaweed tablets with all the necessary nutrients plus Q10. Covers up 90% of all supplements! A Must!

    199,00 kr
  • Collagen Powder 150 g

    Collagen powder ECO from wild fish, not farmed. 95% protein, no fat. Very good for the skin, joints and muscles!

    199,00 kr
  • Colostrum 150 Capsules

    Colostrum capsules with lactoferrin and acidophilus 500 million good bacteria. Good for stomach and intestines!

    285,00 kr
  • Kalkaleum 250 Tabl

    Coral calcium tablets with Aquamin helps stiff and sore joints and muscles. Helpfull for restless legs.

    179,00 kr
  • Active Digest 250 Tabl

    Active Digest helps you to avoid gases (bloating) and inprove digestion. Be friend with your stomach!

    189,00 kr
  • Vitamin D3 150 Tabl

    Vitamin D3 - The sunshine vitamin. 5 months supply with 50 g (500% RDA) equivalent to 2000 IU.

    149,00 kr
  • Omega-3 120 Capsules

    Fish oil with Omega-3 (35%). EPA and DHA in the right balance. Made from the whole fish, not fish guts.

    129,00 kr
  • Protein powder 900 g

    Tasty ECO protein powder (whey isolate 80%), naturally sweetened with Stevia (aspartame-free).

    299,00 kr
  • Recovery Gainer 2,7 Kg

    Recovery ECO Gainer drink with carbohydrates and protein 25%, naturally sweetened with Stevia (aspartame-free).

    449,00 kr
  • Blueberry Powder 150 g

    Blueberry powder ECO, no additives or added sugar. Wild picked by hand in the Nordic countries. Good for night-vision!

    189,00 kr
  • Buckthorn Powder 150 g

    Buckthorn powder ECO, no additives or added sugar. Wild picked in the Nordic countries. Rich in healthy fat!

    185,00 kr